Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Little Alex

In recognition of Banned Book Week (you can't really say 'in honour of', can you?). This is the Little Ziggy version of Stanley Kubrick's version of Anthony Burgess's main character Alex from 'A Clockwork Orange'. Hang on, I think I got those right.

I have been researching 'banned books' this week and it is really an eye-opening experience. I'm surprised that my own Advanced Placement English class in High School didn't catch flak, as most of the list was required reading. Heck, I even read Camus and Kafka during this time and they were even REAL for'ners!!

Font is Timepiece which is the actual font used for the movie. Background is an image of Beethoven's face (Alex being a huge fan and apparently having same printed as a pattern on his blinds in his apartment... no I don't remember that either). Oh and apologies to CLM and the REAL Alex.

And no, I will not answer inquiries as to what is on his sleeves or what is at the end of his cane-knife. Some things you just have to find out for yourselves!!

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