Friday, September 10, 2010

Little Kiss

This is the collected group, logo and even a nice wall-paper I found to go with it.

I keep trying my hand at 'backgrounds', learning more about the limits with what I have on the PC now in terms of manipulation, etc.. As usual, I worked on several different 'motifs', many of which fell very flat, very quickly!! I think my aspirations to match their ‘Frazetta’ album cover was pretty far-fetched.

It was fun to do (I know I keep saying that), but WOW!! Just when you think that 'oh 4 guys in black and white make-up and costumes will be easy to do'... YOU GET A REAL SURPRISE!! It wound up being a lot more complicated than I anticipated, especially in later work-ups in terms of keeping white bits white, black bits black, and other bits however I could get them!

Details –

Little Paul and Little Gene
I wanted to add a little bit of 'zing' behind the guys, using the colors that came off one of their albums (or if you want to be tetchy about it, off their 4 ‘solo’ records they did). It looked cool as an original, using again soft pastels to get the smokey effect. But sadly my scanner is not meeting my expectations, either in terms of originals or even line up. For some reason, it keeps scanning every third picture or so at about a 7° angle.

Little Peter
Hm, perhaps a better title is needed? Oh, what am I saying, I mean who would ever have wanted to be a rock-n-roll cat anyway?

Still, this experience has motivated me to work on some different color paper to try out effects.

The basic problem is I just don't have the software – or I guess even hardware –
to 're-blend' something like this, even when I try and 'white out' as much of the neighboring noise as possible. I think I'll try it on black next to see if that's a little more conducive.

I may also put a crowbar in my wallet and go check out either or both Illustrator and a Wacom tablet. I mean, who deserves it more?

Little Ace

Totally unrelated to this topic, but Ace Frehley recently toured this region in some really small but very packed venues. He's apparently still 'tight' with Paul and Gene but just decided whenever he didn't want to do the KISS thing anymore.

Also, were you aware that KISS is a MULTI-BILLION dollar enterprise? They sell everything from toys, shirts, wine!!, cologne and even custom made caskets. Go figure.

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