Saturday, December 4, 2010

Introduction to Little Ziggy 'buttons'

Do you know who these 'people' are? I started off this new approach with an easy one.

This next bit is then to take everyone through a quick trip into why I started with the 'Little Buttons', which I’m sure if I didn’t include you wouldn’t sleep at nights anymore:

First, I ran across this tee-shirt at that PERFECTLY embraces the kind of simplicity (the 'KISS' principle!!) that I'm trying to, well, embrace with the 'Little Ziggy' templates. Zap zap bing and it’s done. Amazing!!

I then saw this picture - maybe even the same day - done by Steven Dressler (seen on of Conan O'Brien. Again, this is using the same ‘template’ but in my eyes the artist has achieved much more direct and powerful results than the feeble attempts I keep making.

Granted all this was coming after my horrible, horrible, HORRIBLE attempt at the Lady Gaga Zombie drawing.

This was the 'killer' though, this fantastic collection of 77!!! minimalist superheroes collected like this. For the original as well as the answers, see

NOTE: you'll have to copy/paste this ENTIRE ADDRESS into your browser for it to work, as some numbskull put an ampersand in it! BUT YOU MUST SEE THIS IT IS GENIUS PURE!!

As such, I started to reexamine the 'Little Ziggy' work in order to come up with a premise that could approximate something this clever and so much fun to do!!

So of course inspiration struck in me in a place where I could NOT just jump up and start sketching or otherwise stop what I was doing (Dr.'s hate it when you do that). But I thought why not try something similar to the representative squares above but in a 'button' shaped representation?

The picture below was then my first round of sketching with the Scooby Doo gang (noting it took one fan all of 2 minutes to guess who everyone was, even from the original 'un-lined' version, yes, including the round brown spot… I mean, that could be ANYONE!).

However, I felt like having the black lines - especially for the hair and also what garments were present - was too much. So I cut it back to this:

I really liked how both 'Fred' and 'Daphne' turned out, so I decided to do away with 'all the black' to see if it could still work (changing then minor bits that I felt were necessary for identification, including 'Shaggy's' beardy thing).

And viola (literally a fat violin), here's how it all transpired!! I am looking forward to trying my hand at more of these as time permits. I find it a refreshing way of looking at things and just so much gosh darn fun, too!!


  1. Only took me 30 seconds. Sorry. I'm competitive like that. But I liked them Particularly shaggy. And Lady Gaga-such a great zombie inspiration!

  2. looking good way to go!! thanks for the support
    Lishoffs XD