Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hello Kiddy

Hi Everyone! Back from a wee break and slowly but surely getting the creative juices flowing again!

Ran across an old picture of Ralph Macchio the other day. It's hard to believe that his signature movie 'The Karate Kid' came out in 1984!! I still think though that his best movie was 'Crossroads'. Maybe not so much because of him, but because it was an interesting movie.

Found a couple of great 'fonts' to go with this. The background karate poses are actually from a font called 'Karate Chop', and the 'Karate Kiddy' header is simply called 'Karate'. Yep, don't get more straightforward than that, huh?

Dedicated to DR who is not only a great artist but apparently also a very adept karate dude and soon-to-be dad, too!!

HEY GUYS, help me out! Would appreciate constructive criticsm! Thanks/cheers/merci/haija!!


  1. Well, Zigs, I don't like to criticize anyone's creative work ever, but that kid has no mouth. Now, if I were drawing my own kids, I might choose to draw them without a mouth, also, so if that was the intent, carry on.:-)

  2. Silly chicken! Have you ever seen a mouth on the popular Japanese icon that this site is dedicated to ripping off? Have you? Geez, you'd think you were a duck or something...