Saturday, December 4, 2010

Little Aliens

This is the final 'character' from Toy Story I wanted to do. Wasn't sure at first if they'd fit into the 'Hello YouKnowWho' mold, but it wound up being really fun to do.

And until I did my research with some of the kids’ books, I was not aware that these little guys’ 'emblem' on their uniforms was in fact a pizza (well, a pizza with a planetary ring around it). So not only did I get my picture done, but I learned something, too. Which is nice.

Here is another version with a little bit more background added. I also thought I'd add a slight reference to their religion as well, sorry if that causes offense to any other worshippers of The Claw.

The font is inspired by one called 'Saturn' though I didn't wind up using it. Also the 'rocket' flying above is an old graphic I did, converting a picture I had of a lava lamp into a rocket. I have 'several' (= too many) variations if you're curious.

Finally, this is a 'personal' request; the kids just got a copy of 'Toy Story 3' from their USA 'Grandma' (her nickname being an inside joke involving Teletubbies, cute babies, and more!). They ... and honestly their old man ... are really excited!!

What a great series though, I hope the third installment lives up to the first 2!! I've heard good things (plus keep tissues handy, I know)!!!

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