Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Little Gaia (aka Mother Earth, Mother Nature)

This one was actually done by special request. I wanted to combine both the activities for Breast Cancer Awareness Month with the Climate Awareness 'Work Day' on 10/10/10 (see 350.org for more info).

In this case, my 'Gaia' has hair of sparkling water, an ivy wreath adorning her brow, sunset eyes, hyacinth breasts with sweet Chrysanthenams (sp?) through which she can feed her children, a lovely field of white flowers for arms and Our Home continuing to be guarded in her very womb. Wow, that was actually quite poetic!!

However, her legs show the wear and tear of the climate change - or corrections - or however you want to look at it. KEY: whether you believe in 'warming' or not, no one can deny that changes are occuring in our environment.

My own personal take is that it is 'global correction' (trademark pending), which is going to be oh so much worse than the global warming folks think it will be. I just think the Earth has found a way to recover from some bad stuff over time, and doesn't give a heck-darn about the fact that fixing things might just be bad for us little humanoid insects crawling around everywhere.

Important: I do however believe that we can positively influence BOTH these causes!! Let's keep all our lovely ladies alive and healthy for the rest of their 'natural' lives, ok?

Font is vtks focus and I think it is really awesome (I doubled it up a bit and played with the 'internal' shadowing, but it's very cool indeed)!

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