Friday, September 24, 2010

Little Pirates

Little Pirate, uh, Girl

At the very last minute on the night before (Sept.18th) the 2nd most popular holiday of the calendar year, I got the inspiration to do some pirates for ‘International Talk Like A Pirate Day’. Aye, I just wanted to remine m’mateys and all ye landlubbers, ta gi' us some o' yer best arrr's!! Aarrr!!

OK, I’ll stop.

Well, as is usual, I got way too into the research, and way WAY too picky about the details. After several false starts, I finally went with a brave lass as the first example of what was originally intended to be AT LEAST 3 pirate-like persons. Not sure why I gave her a Mike Tyson tattoo, but there you go.

One colleague said she reminded him of Geena Davis in the movie ‘Pirates’ (I think it was called ‘Cutthroat Island’ in the States). I had to look it up, but I did find at least one similarity. No, better said, two.

Extra credit question: what ever happened to Matthew Modine? There for a while he was really big in the movies, but I swear I don't think I've seen him in forever. You'd think he could at least get a reality show gig or something...

Font: Black Beard. And it really is a holiday, I promise!! LOOK HERE -> 'X'. Get it, 'X' marks the spot? Oh ha ha, I crack myself up some times!!

Little Blackbeard

Blackbeard is actually a pretty famous pirate from back 'home'. With a range of nice isolated barrier islands, he apparently loved to hide out and stash treasures all over the place. Not sure nowadays how true that was, but hey, it made the tourists happy.

By now, it was the actual holiday day itself... and I was only on the 2nd of the 'pirate series' and feeling a bit stressed. I really did intend to try and complete the trifecta, but my cat personality took over and I went for the nap instead.

Font: rapscallion (mod.)

For what happened to the third pirate in the series, read the next entry!!

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