Saturday, December 4, 2010

Little Teenage Mutant SOMETHING??? Turtles

This set started off with some bizarre inspiration after a random Facebook discussion that somehow raised the topic of zombies, mutants and I think also cowboys, not to mention country music. So yes, the fact that this led to this shows indeed that my mind works in a very 'uni-Q' way.

This 'grand version' brings together a theoretical discussion where the creators know they want
1) Teenagers,
2) Mutants and
3) Turtles.

But the question that my imagined creators are asking themselves is: what to go with these obvious combinations that would eventually lead to a multi-billion dollar industry? (Ignoring as well that several toy makers and even countries like Germany did not allow them to be called 'Ninjas' but instead 'heroes'... trivia point folks, right it down or commit to memory, your call).

Perhaps the conversation went something like this then... or perhaps not...

Little Teenage Mutant NINJA Turtle!!

Asking the eternally important question: 'why Ninjas?' even though the answer would no doubt have been a very educated and high-brow version of 'duh!!'

Little Teenage Mutant ZOMBIE Turtle!!

I did it, I DID IT!! I drew a decent ZOMBIE!! I now consider myself a light mauve belt in zombie drawing!!

Little Teenage Mutant DEMON Turtle!!

I got lots of help from Ziggy Jr. on this one. He wanted the hair to be 'completely blonde'. Hm, I wonder why he identifies demonic presences with being blonde? Hm, indeed!!

Little Teenage Mutant CYBORG Turtle

Well, I think this not only satisfied my quota of alternative TMNT characters but also takes care of any worrisome 'Little Robocop' worries that may have been out there. Yes, you know who you are!!


  1. oooh. I love the zombie one. I think you went in the right direction with the demon. Blond tips give the illusion of fire. Nicely done. Now howabout a country singer zombie. I think a good model for this would be Dwight Yoakum. However, he might be too tall and skinny to be one of your muses. So maybe Roy Clark instead.

  2. This is awesome.
    My favorite is definitely the zombie turtle. At first glance he looks like he's seen better days, but then you remember he's a zombie-so likely he's at least an 8 on the scale o'hotness.
    Plus I'm lovin his teeth.

  3. Yup zombie turtle would have been a hit, I think. And that whole mutant ninja turtle idea was actually stolen from a group of drunken high school baseball players who named themselves that for a tournament...well, I'm pretty sure it hadn't yet been invented...but I can't be sure because we were drunk...