Friday, September 24, 2010

Little Oktoberfest

Now if my notes are correct, this is the 200 Year Anniversary of Oktoberfest. Wow, if you calculate all the beer that has been consumed during that span, you come out with a figure that indicates that was a lot of beer!

The 'official' Bavarian Oktoberfest has actually been held 177 times, which somehow seems a bit low to me in terms of 'only' 23 cancellations. Maybe I'm confusing 23 years of war with the number of years the French have spent the past 200 years surrendering (oh yeah, I went there mon ami!!).

Despite having lived within reasonable distance of there for nearly 20 years - I've been to Munich several times and think it’s fantastic!! – I have never been to Oktoberfest. Truth be told, I don't really ever intend to go either, for various reasons. To each their own.

Font is Herzog Von Graf (Oktoberfest not being 'Germanic' enough, go figure). PROST!!

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