Saturday, December 4, 2010

Little Calvin and Hobbes

This posting is 'simply' my little ode to Bill Watterson's timeless strip, which is not unexpected since as those of you who have spent the night with me (both of you!) know that I keep at least one of his collections on my nightstand year-round.

His style was not only amazing for its simplicity but also its grace! Even though he stopped years ago, the stories and adventures of Spaceman Spiff and others live forever in our hearts!!

I find Hobbes much more fun to draw. He seemed 'realer' to me than Calvin even... that is, until I got my own 'Calvin' in the form of my son. Yes, Junior drives me mad on a daily basis but what a wonderful imagination he has!!

Font is none other than the official one from the strip! It’s sometimes found under the name 'calvino', go figure.

I would note that I always loved Hobbes so much, who was probably my second favorite character of the modern 'mini' era next to Opus the Penguin. I think its because I had my own version when I was a kid (Zippy the Chimp, who by a strange coincidence was owned by my Great-Uncle, who also owned Flipper and Skipper the Dolphins... go figure). Oh the adventures we had!!

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  1. Calvin and Hobbes is amazing.
    One of my all-time favorites.
    Calvin's imagination is epic.