Monday, September 6, 2010

Little Mystique

By special request, here is Mystique of the XMen comics and movies (the shape shifter).

It really worked well after extensive character work (extensive for me mind you), which I include below (I would also note that I am STILL trying to learn how to draw 'women'... there's just so many 'bits' and stuff to watch out for!!)
. I was glad that I was still able to really hold on to the 'simplicity' aspect here!

Based on some input by a pal of mine in terms of the character sketches you see, I really wanted to add some 'pop' to this one. I worked on the background a LOT longer than the picture.

I tried colors of all sorts, I tried even putting her against a really creepy scene with lots of ravens, etc. This one shown worked out real well though and I love the added font, which also led to a sort of head-smacking experience (of course, fonts!! Smack!!).

For the one here, I had used it before for another project where I modify it more than a bit from the original (called haAJJA). Neato!!

Character studies (including only those that looked like something other than roadkill...):

These first two were a combination of inks and soft pastels. I hadn't worked with 'chalks' for almost 30 years, so it was kind of cool to go back to my roots (it's like finger painting only people don't stop and stare at an adult doing it!!!):

This final one was a re-touch after some coaching by someone in personal possession of said 'bits'. Got it to where it was pretty presentable and then inked it in, followed by scan and computer coloration.

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