Saturday, October 16, 2010

Little Wonder Woman

This posting meets several criteria for our on-going Breast Cancer Awareness Month tributes!!

We started the month with ‘Famous Boobies Throughout History’, and certainly, the lady that brought perhaps the most attention to the Wonder Woman character – the absotively beautimous Lynda Carter – has always met that criterion in our book. In fact, we nearly got suspended SEVERAL times in 6th grade for our anatomically and rather accurately descriptive drawings of her in this great role. You could say even then my portrait seemed to ‘pop out’ of the very page!!

As some background, especially for you young’uns, Lynda in fact is a former Miss World USA. After winning this most hallowed (?) of awards, she embarked on her career as an actress (well, she had already done the rock’n roll thing). A short while later, she found what would wind up being perhaps her greatest success, when she became the star of the somewhat cheesy yet revered ‘Wonder Woman’ series.

The show would prove to be hugely popular and is still being broadcast today in countries around the world. Lynda has continued to be involved in the television and film industry for years, even producing various award winning shows or films. She also appears as a live entertainer around the world, including headline performances in Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, Reno, Atlantic City, Monte Carlo and the London Palladium.

But that’s not all! As you no doubt have noticed and even signed up for the pending DVD documentary (send $19.99 to reserve your copy today!), Little Ziggy then changed gears from just well-known boobage and began honoring women who have either survived breast cancer and/or done something fantastic for the cause. And Lynda is no exception!

The ageless and still incredibly lovely Ms. Carter has also been involved in many charitable causes, including a pioneering role with the Susan G. Komen Foundation (for breast cancer education and research) from whom she received the Jill Ireland Award for volunteerism. Other good causes that she has played a key role in promoting or help direct include the Red Cross, U.S.O., Ronald McDonald House, and many charities benefiting children.

And finally, to complete this feel-good trifecta, we are happy to give a Ziggy Nixon patented ‘Shout Out’ to Wonder Woman Day. Now for those of you not in the know, for the fifth year in a row, the mythological champion is embraced as the iconic symbol for a charity benefit for multiple domestic violence prevention-intervention agencies.

Building on Wonder Woman's legacy and the life-saving work done by the heroic workers of the non-profit groups, Excalibur Comics in SE Portland will host the fifth and final Wonder Woman Day on Sunday, October 24th from noon to 6pm. The free all-ages event will include local and national artists signing comics and special edition prints, as well as a silent auction of original art contributed by more than 200 of the world's top artists. The Portland event will benefit Bradley Angle, one of Portland's leading domestic violence agencies, as well as multiple domestic violence programs throughout the area.

Additionally, a second Wonder Woman Day benefit will take place on Sunday, October 24th, in Flemington, NJ, at Comic Fusion, as part of their “Super-Hero Weekend.” This East Coast event will benefit Safe in Hunterdon, a domestic violence shelter in New Jersey.

Some key points the organizers have raised:

- Almost 300 pieces of original artwork will be auctioned between the two Wonder Woman Day events. All art is posted to view at the event and at;

- Portland's Mayor, Sam Adams, has officially declared October 24th to be "Wonder Woman Day" in the City of Roses;

- And previous Wonder Woman Day events have raised a grand total of more than $89,000 to benefit survivors of domestic violence and their children.

This year, the Wonder Woman Day event will feature an online component as well, as multiple items from the Portland art auction will be concurrently available on eBay. Again, 100% of the proceeds from the art auctions and other activities during Wonder Woman Day go to the domestic violence programs!

For more information about Wonder Woman Day, please see or visit their Facebook site!

For the link where we lifted so much of our info about Lynda Carter, please see

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