Monday, September 27, 2010

Little Yoda and Little Spock

When I was a kid, I loved comics like crazy. It started off as a ‘reward’ thing – namely, that if I ever went to the Doctor or Dentist and was well-behaved, I’d get a comic book. I instantly became the bravest kid ever! Seriously, even today my blood pressure DROPS if I head in for a check-up! Wish I still got the comics though...

My favorite titles were Fantastic Four, anything that Jack Kirby released and what was called Marvel Two-in-One. This teamed Ben Grimm (the Thing) with various other heroes and/or misc. peoples. I loved the changing dynamic, which was also true of Marvel Team-Up (same approach with Spider Man, who I couldn't stand alone but in the team ups he was cool).

So this illustration is my own attempt to bring together two 'iconic' and 'wouldn't it be neat if...' characters. I learned a couple of things:

1) Drawing Yoda is very fun. He will appear again (I’m already wondering if it would be too sacrilegious to make up things like Poe + Yoda = Poeda);

2) You can get some good texture if you pastel the colors and scan them into the computer in ‘pieces’ and then later line them up. But it’s tough if your scanner sucks. Mine does.

Little Yoda (close-up)

As mentioned, Yoda was a real blast to draw. This is more Episode 2 or 3 Yoda as I wanted him ready to kick ass and take names (I mean, lead by example and protect the Good Side of the Force). Also a lot of the new ‘Clone Wars’ series in him, which is a must watch if you’re a fan of the story-line for Star Wars (helping fill in the time from Anakin being a pretty bad-ass Jedi up to his change to a Sith Lord).

Also as I mentioned, Yoda’s coloring comes via two separate sets of soft pastels (including various adjustments) as well as some minor software work (light saber, etc.). His skin has lots of shades of green as well as hints of brown and yellow. Fortunately, this means I was able to use my morning face as a guide.

Little Spock (close-up)

Spock was originally intended to be some kind of combination drawing with Captain Kirk. But Kirk is so - well to be honest - 'plain' you can't really caricaturize him. And I didn’t want to use the old clichés of William Shatner’s EVENTUAL weight gain and hair loss.

Again coloration with pastels and some bits added in via MSPaint. I went with the darker hair, too, which I hope combines well enough here to be seen. At home, since I go back and forth from my office computer to my lap top (different functionalities often for same programs owing to age), I saw it on one computer but not so much the other. So in the office, the texture shows up great (Spock’s ‘comb lines’ were always really strong), on another it just looks black. But it’s there I promise, along with his invariable 5 o’clock shadow and surprisingly full lips (such a handsome boy, if only he'd smile more...).

Live long and prosper!

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