Friday, September 24, 2010

Little Hippies

I saw this great drawing of a hippie the other day on 'Non Sequitur' by Wiley Miller and this has been in my head ever since. I wanted to do two 'original' hippies, who would I guess now be in their 60's to 70's at least. Wow!! And I can still remember getting tear-gassed at a peace rally. Ok, I was in my stroller but still!!

I found some great textures to use including for the hair (she at least has a lot of Vanessa Redgrave in hers) and also the clothes and more.

A lot of these patterns are from my pal 'Joe Smith', who you can either find on FB or wait a few weeks for his interview on my blog. I think I borrowed snippets from at least 5 of his works, including the flower in the hair. His stuff is awesome with a capital awe and I love seeing what he does each and every day!!

Font for background is 'Hippie Chick' and 'Gosford' for the signs.

Remember: Make War, Not Love... no wait...

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