Monday, September 6, 2010

There Be Monsters Afoot!!

Little Count

This was from a recent set I put together on a whim.

It started when I had done a caricature of the Twilight dude and wanted to put it in a cartoon setting. So I came up with the theme of the different monsters, all plus-minus 'classical'.

Little Devil Girl

I just went with this one, because without making any puns, there's just not a lot of female monster characters out there to choose from. I intended her to be a kind of a mix of a demonness and even Mystique, so I just started and it happened.

My own private joke is that it’s my 6-year old daughter, who can be a pretty evil little monster when she wants to be! Especially now that she's old enough to realize how much her dad loves her!!

Little Wolfie

The Wolf-Man wound up being much more problematic than I expected, and was probably the toughest of the bunch to finalize. It’s just that there are so many 'werewolf' motifs to choose from.

Some of the other varieties I tried had a very ‘American Indian’ feeling to them (let’s just leave it at a bad mix of different browns and random desert colors) or just got a bit psychaedelic. I went through a lot of different texturing and colorations before settling on this one.

In my eyes, it’s still borderline 'too busy' for this exercise. I can see that hair is going to be an on-going issue.

Little Franky

This is my favorite of the monster set. I really wanted to capture the classic Karloff look.

The Monster has always been such a sad creature in my eyes. Hm, maybe because I saw ‘Young Frankenstein’ so many times!

Little Mummy

This one is pretty simple looking but I was surprised that it took a lot of focus to keep it from just being a bunch of horizontal lines.

I also especially like how the texturing came out, sort of a semi-deteriorated cloth look. Which I guess is pretty much standard Mummy garb, no?

Little Destroyer

I was so happy with this one because I had finally done a robot that worked (meaning it didn’t look like a toaster or one of your cheaper sex toys)!! This was stretching the self-imposed rules of the form a bit (no deletions, use the components available) but what the heck.

And finally, this was the final cartoon with the monsters (I called it 'Scar'd Silly' after a friend of mine). I think I did a pretty good job with the 'Twilight' caricature as well. At first it came out way too 'real' looking, but thanks to the wonders of MSPaint, and altering his features (forehead 20% larger, chin 20% smaller, etc.) it looked more caricature-y.

Need to work on my fonts though (the mummy is actually uttering an Egyptian symbol and the robot is saying 'bloody humanoids'). Am already gaining such respect for so many aspects that 'professional' graphic artists have to keep in perspective as they work!!

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