Friday, December 3, 2010

Little Woody

(ok since no one reacted after 'Little Shaft', I'm curious if this will get a 'rise' out of any of you!!)

This was my second picture of my own personal Toy Story trilogy. Well, let's put it this way: I KNOW there will be at least 3, I'm still kind of iffy on Ziggy Jr.'s desire to have Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head included. I'll do a final combo pic as well, so WATCH THIS SPACE!!

And for the 'Hell No Kitty' purists, I just turned the head sideways again from the usual template, and also took some liberties with arm and leg shape. A ton of fun to do, and I am becoming convinced that drawing is the best fun you can have in clothing optional settings!!

Font is rope mf, selected by my trusty partner in crime, Zig Jr. who is sitting here reading this as I type it and laughing because he's pretending he's NOT reading as I type... go to bed!! Yes, NOW!!

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