Saturday, September 18, 2010

Little, uh, Super Chicken

Our first actual request (or proposal, however you want to put it). A friend mentioned making a Super Chicken, or even a Super Egg, and so I did both!! I just wish now I could remember how it came up in the conversation (I love my friends, such an eclectic bunch!!).

Background is from Hubble Telescope (Orion System).

UPDATE: Okay, I looked up where all this came from. A friend had linked in a blog that was primarily about a family's wacky adventures raising chickens. Hilarity ensuing and the whole shebang, I promise you. But this particular post was about the fact that apparently their house is haunted, including more than just thumps in the night or teenagers trying to get away with murder.

So anyway, as usually happens when serious topics are raised on Facebook, there were some bad puns exchanged including along the lines of laying an egg and needing a Super Chicken to come to the rescue.

Well, to say the least that's all I can remember without reaching that level of chemical influence again. Darn state-dependent memory. Sure wish I could recall bits of college, too...

Little Super Galatic Space Chicken

Evil doers and Rodential Raiders of Hen Houses everywhere: BEWARE!! I mean, just check out the abs on this guy (sorry, could only fit a 4-pack on him).

Well, if I can toot my own beak here for a moment, I think my shading is getting better.

I might actually be dangerous if I ever crowbar open my wallet and get some real tools to use!

Little Robin's Egg

Hee hee, this was then the 'egg' part. I got silly and decided to de-evolutionize Robin into his earlier persona. Talk about unborn potential though, wow!! (My 10-year old son even commented at one point, 'how do you know what powers he has?' I also had to explain the coloring, go figure...)

Again, good shadowing Ziggy, pat pat... or should that be toot toot?



  1. Hi Ziggy-what a fabulous twist on the ghost story at Chez Chicken. With these guys on my side, that ghost is toast. haha. Tell your son that EggRobin's super power is that he tells a very good yolk. Yuk Yuk Yuk. I'll be here all week.

  2. I love Chicken so now I love what you've done for her! The Super Egg is perfect!