Saturday, December 4, 2010

Little Lady... Zaza?

(Please accept my apologies for this post. I blame a combination of too much food and the snow!!)

OK this was a very silly day. I had wanted to try my hand at zombies ever since I started the interview process with Jared Moraitis, an amazing artist who is next in line over at ZN HQ. So after a 'quick sketch' (literally about 15 minutes worth... I think it shows, too!!), this is what we landed with!!

And what better way to bring it to the world than via the font of all knowledge that is good and just!! Hope you can read it, if not I'll clue you in later (which may take a while since that implies I have to get a clue first)!!

But wait, there’s more (translation : it gets worse) :

Little Lady Zaza Zombie
(alternative pen work)

OK I got bored watching the snow fall and 're-penned' the first version. I think the whole zombie thing looks so much better when done in the whole 'Mike Mignola and co.' way that is as little color as possible - and then very much pastel except for one or two rich ones - and really thick lines and blackened in spots when you can do it.

OK live and learn... or better said don't live, walk dead looking for brains to eat and learn...

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