Saturday, December 4, 2010

Little Paigey

This drawing has been stuck in my mind since I read a recent web-site update from an upcoming interviewee, namely the one and only Paige Pumphrey. Her work is outstanding as you can see at her blog and more:

Class, style and so much more!

However, she not only draws really great stuff but she’s also volunteered to have folks draw her!! In fact, she recently took part in the patented ‘Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School’ drawing session held during a recent conference in New York seen at this link:

The rest as ‘they’ say was pure obsession!! On my part, that is.

I won’t give away too much more as I’m totally psyched about having Paige at ZN HQ, but I really enjoyed putting together this little pre-interview ‘homage’.

Font is a modified* ‘Lounge Bait’ (*read: I added stars instead of big blobs - blobs, I said, BLOBS - over the ‘i’s’).

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