Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Little Eve

In honor and acknowledgement of 'Breast Cancer Awareness Month', I decided on doing a series of selections of your (read: my) Favorite Boobies from throughout History!! I also wanted to push myself back in a direction where the pics were a bit more 'simplified' (with several previous inputs being a bit too 'involved'), but that's besides the point.

In this case, you have Eve, who we have serious doubts if she was blonde, Caucasian or even had such nice skin, despite what the Kansas Board of Education wants us to think!! But she did hold to the adage - well, at least once - of 'an apple a day keeps the doctor away'... Of course, they always forget to add 'yes, you may be healthy but God will be really mad at you!!'

REMEMBER: checked puppies are happy puppies!! I have no idea what that means (hee hee), but a heroic friend of mine who has survived this terrible disease told me that!!

Title font is 'Theodore Fancy Open'.

Note that despite several requests, we will NOT be presenting a FAVORITE, uh, WEENIES from throughout History series... After all, we do have some sense of decency (oh ha ha, I crack myself up sometimes)...

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