Monday, September 6, 2010

Little - I Mean - Wee Red Axey Hood

Off to Grandma's to deliver some wolf cutlets and sausages!!

This was done for an absolutely lovely friend of mine who’s nickname is in part Axey. This was funny (in an inside joke kind of way, but please play along) because it was is in line with her results for the FB test 'Find the fairy tale that most matches your personality'. I guess Conan (the Barbarian, not the comedian) doesn’t count as a fairy tale.

Oh and I should say as well thanks because I 'used' her hair. All natural!!

Here’s the pic with background, which I shamelessly pilfered from one of the dozens of fantastic photos by Wee Red's 'beau', Jean Luc Windholtz. Please go to his web-site to see more of his work at
you'll be glad you did!!

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