Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Little Cleo

This is the 2nd in my series for Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Although history seems to argue a bit about Cleopatra's 'features' - she is reported to have been attractive despite possessing a good sized schnozz (supported by some pretty amazing coins found with her profile) - you can't argue with her 'successes' with some of that era's most powerful men. Ergo, methinks she had at least some nice healthy puppies going for her, nudge nudge say no more!

Strange though, this is now our 2nd historically significant woman in this series - and both had issues with snakes. Go figure.

Also interesting was that of all the films or other 'showings' found featuring the
Cleopatra character, the most risqué outfit was from a silent film in 1917!! Wowzers. I'd have to say though from personal taste, I prefer Claudette Colbert's take on her, with Monica Bellucci a close 2nd!

For a good ‘research’ collection, check out this link!

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