Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Little Elvira

I needed a good transition piece for this update and after much – oh what do you call that thing you do with your brain? Oh yes… - thinking, I decided to settle for none other than ‘Elvira, Mistress of the Dark’. See, Halloween is coming up and before that even I’ve got another ‘special event’ to work with, so… just trust me on this.

Now for you purists out there, please no threatening letters about how Elvira is a cheap knock-off of Vampira or even Morticia Addams. Of course she is but she’s had the good decency to never deny it!!

Actually, I’ve always found Elvira to be a hoot – sort of like ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ except with the differences of (a) she deals with really bad horror movies (vs. really bad ‘sci-fi’ movies) and (b) well, she has an incredibly nice rack (hey, I went as long as I could during this Breast Cancer Awareness series without getting sexist, cut me some slack). Besides her own little shows and the occasional dip into humor, she’s made a number of appearances in various films, even in non-Elvira character-roles such as ‘Pee-wee's Big Adventure’ (she was Biker Mama… no, I don’t remember that either).

She was also in the CLASSIC ‘Allan Quatermain and King Solomon's Mines’ starring Richard Chamberlain and Sharon Stone (wow, THE dream couple of the past 50 years in the movies!!!). She was the evil queeny person, just here on the left in the poster (hang on, this is worth a zoomed photo, too). I never saw it, but I am guessing she was really good at holding up her gold bra thing.

And for a lady about to hit 60, her ‘alter ego’, Cassandra Peterson, is still more than AOK in the looks department if you ask me. She’s also a really giving celebrity, donating her time for a number of worthy causes including PETA (essentially the ‘be nice to animals’ people) and AIDS fund-raising!!

Remember folks:
Healthy Boo-Bees are Happy Boo-Bees!!!

And please buy this shirt at zazzle.com, otherwise they might sue my butt off….

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