Friday, December 3, 2010

Little Surfer

Felt like doing some Super Heroes, or perhaps better said, a superhero. Or whatever ol' Shiny Head qualifies as...

Here's a rendition of the Silver Surfer for your enjoyment (for non-comic fans, he was in the 2nd Fantastic Four movie ... well, I guess you wouldn't have seen that either if you don't like comics).

Originally at least he was a great tragic figure, but I've lost track with all the various 're-inventions' and new universes that have been created the past couple of decades.And if you're curious: any time I draw a Super Hero (or Villain) and Jack Kirby also drew it at any point in his career, that is who I am trying to imitate!!

I also tried my hand at some Kirby-esque backgrounds here, too. His backgrounds (or even abstract collages!) and also especially cityscapes are among my favorite aspects of his work!!Font is nothing, I literally just goofed off with one of the 'normal' ones (Arial? not sure).

In terms of the version sans background, I really need my art muse to teach me more about how to add backgrounds that 'pop'. I just figured continuing with the blue would work. Does it? I dunno...

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