Friday, December 3, 2010

Little Addams Family

When I was a child, I loved checking out collections of different illustrators from the 'adult' section of the library. No it wasn't pr0n sillies, there was just a kids' section and a 'parents' section. But I must have checked out the Charles Addams Anthology a dozen times.

The various series and movies - although classic and good in their own ways - never came close to the macabre naughtiness that 'Chas' (as he signed his name) managed to accomplish.

For a fantastic run down character by character, I would propose to everyone that you read the descriptives provided for the souvenir tee-shirts here:

Also, you are correct 'Lurch' is not included because (a) his description didn't really thrill me and (b) I mean, come on, he's the butler. How many people put the freaking butler in their family pictures?

Font is Fiddums Family, the actual font at least from the movies (modified slightly for space).

I include some individual pieces, noting I did Gomez and his mother together and so their 'individual' pieces are not here. Well, anyway I never liked them much anyway.

Ah my dear Little Morticia.

I was quite surprised - actually no, I wasn’t, not at all - during my research to find several sketches of Morticia by Charles Addams that dressed this lovely 'dedication' to his own wife in VERY sheer garments.

The only part of his own description is I do not understand why she should be considered a 'ruined beauty'. I admire a woman that's not afraid to hide her natural coldness... ahem...

Poor Little Wednesday.

Despite many people's assertions (assumptions? wishes?) that Wednesday was the more evil sibling - owing of course to the movie versions - CA described her as a 'child of woe', 'wane and delicate' and sensitive, enjoying picnics and such!

So this goes back to the original version, even though taking a stab at my own version of Christina Ricci did have, um, certain potential advantages. At least for the research part...

Ah Little Uncle Fester, my favoritest of them all!

This is actually my second version. I lowered his head significantly into his body to sort of give that hunched effect. His description by CA reminds me of a recent showing of turn of the century (20th that is) artists and some of their 'deviant' behaviors!! If only the police knew!!

THIS captures the whole 'Hello Kitty' aura for me in some kind of sick Gothic way... in other words, I love it!!

Little Pugsley

As mentioned with Wednesday, the depiction by Addams was much different than either the TV series or the movies. I certainly don't remember any depictions of him being either blonde OR blue-eyed.

I'll never forget my own 'Pugsley' moment, making a miniature 'guillotine' once out of wooden popsicle sticks (sort of thinner versions of the Doctor’s tongue depresser sticks). No it didn't really work, but that didn't stop me from painting my finger red and pretending with my sister that it had worked!!

First time I ever saw anyone faint like that...

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