Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Little Arthur (Dent, that is, of 'Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy')

This was a good transition piece for me. I wanted to go from banned book week (yes HHGTTG is on some lists!!) to just general silliness again.

Anyway the whole banned book thing was going over like a lead balloon, so why not?

Ah, Arthur Dent, one of my favorite all-time anti-heroes!! And fans, please note that he comes complete with disheveled pj's and robe, Babelfish in his ear, and even 5 o'clock shadow. I mean seriously, didn't anyone ever notice that during a TV series and a movie or two, that he never had to shave? The beard effect I tried worked, but my new trial with hair texture was not so successful. I blame it on warp head, very similar to nap head.

I tried my hand at a 'Marvin' as well (the perpetually depressed robot), instead of using any of the existing versions. I wound up just using some weird effects from our new PowerPoint program.

I don't like it (the program) and certainly my Martin doesn't hold a candle to the one from the '05 movie. Classic.

The book does however contain the best advice ever: Don't Panic!

One of these days I've got to try that... maybe tomorrow.

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