Saturday, December 4, 2010

Little Ming the Indifferent

This piece started out as just a 'free sketch', namely just adding bits and pieces to the ‘Little Ziggy template’ as they came to mind.

I quickly realized I was doing something seen recently concerning the original Flash Gordon comics. Well, I was actually doing that rather poorly because at first it looked more like 'Little Satanic Spaceman from Saturn'. Okay.

As I tried to 'tighten up' the more Ming-y aspects however, I began to think that ol' Ming just didn't always look like he was really 'into it', if you know what I mean. OK, if you have a name like 'Ming the Merciless', sure, you're EXPECTED to be all evil and take-over-the-universe-y.

But what if you were called 'Little Ming the Indifferent'? You see, it changes things!! Well, like he says: whatever.

Anyway, here are the fonts:
'bwhahaha... whatever' via gypsy curse.

The top line - after angrily looking for something more 'Flash Gordon-y' - is a sort of 'alienesque' font called lomax. Oh..... kay. Whatever...

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