Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Little Animal Farm

Too subtle? Hm.

I wasn't sure by this time if it was still banned book week but I wanted to still run with it.

For this piece I was able to draw CONSIDERABLY on my own corporate experiences. I have literally sat in on conversations where these type of check lists were discussed!

I mean, who gives a rat's patootie if the company survives as long as we get our bonuses right?

So no fancy fonts, just Napoleon and friend smugly making their way back to the office. I did enjoy this book and the accompanying very accurate animated film out teacher showed us, but these days I found Orwell's links into actual events and people a bit too obvious and contrived. Maybe I'm just getting cynical in my old age (duh, ya think?).

I especially liked the dogs (even if I got the 'joy' of using real pigs to place hair on my executives... something right about that). I based 'them' in large part on the Dobermann from 'Up' (surely the Master will be most plea... SQUIRREL!!).

Just turned my model head shape sideways and went with it. That's fair isn't it?

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