Monday, September 6, 2010

Getting Started!!

Hi Folks!!

This is now the 2nd of 2 'Ziggy Nixon' related blogs.

In my first, found at, I get to interview REAL and REALLY TALENTED artists, designers and more!! I hope it'll be a place you regularly visit and enjoy very much!! Kindly note that I do NOT count myself among these amazing people. I enjoy drawing and art and desperately want to re-energize my focus on same, but calling what I do anything related to their activities would, well, a bit of a stretch.

This second blog is something that I was inspired to do by several of the artists I've interviewed, particularly
Julis ‘Bulius’ Santiago and Chow Hon Lam, of King Panpan and Flying Mouse 365 fame, respectively. I started doing these 'Little Ziggy' characters some months ago - as part of another exercise I do, namely change the blog headers at Ziggy Nixon pretty often - and they have received some pretty good feedback from a few people I respect and admire very much. So thar' ya' go.

Along the way I might slip in some other 'art' as well - there I go using that word again - but don't worry, I will put up warning signs to help protect your sensitive eyes.

OK, gang that's it for now. Enjoy and talk to you soon!!
Hugs and kisses and other sloppy greetings

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