Thursday, February 17, 2011

Little Garfield

Puffington Host, 17. February, 2011

In a surprise move that shook financial markets across the globe, Sanrio – producer and licenser of the global brand ‘Miss Kitty’ – announced today that they had bought full rights for Garfield from creator Jim Davis and the various companies responsible for the iconic, lasagna-loving cat’s licensing and image placement.

When asked about the purchase, Sanrio responded that accessing the reach of the Garfield franchise would enable them to be placed in the ‘daily psyche’ of the comics reading audience. When asked about giving up the Garfield franchise, a source who asked not to be named replied, ‘Well, honestly, it hasn’t been funny in 10 years so really, why not?’

Sanrio will reportedly rename Garfield for local markets as
pronounced ‘Shibō to reijīkyatto’
or literally ‘fat and lazy cat’. It will feature the new kawaii version of both Garfield and his beloved teddy bear, Pooky, shown here.

Whether or not either Odie or Jon, Garfield’s owner, will appear in the new strip remains to be seen, even though Hollywood insiders are reporting that Lucy Liu has been offered the part of Jon’s girlfriend and Garfield’s veterinarian because, quote, ‘she just really needs the work.’

(btw: had a lot of fun making these. Experimented with some new coloration methods including by hand and with digital 'support'. Japanese background was created first digitally, then hand colored, 'tie-dyed', crumpled up several times and then finally run through a hot laminator! I got the fire out pretty quick this time, too!)

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