Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hello Kenny

Oh my gosh, you spoofed Kenny!! Okay, if you don't follow or know about 'South Park', you're no doubt lost right now. But hey, not everyone has the same exposure to fine culture as others.

This actually started out much more ambitious than what I ended up with. So, yeah, a lot like marriage and parenthood.

You see, I was going to do several printings, some cut and paste work and even some special coloration. However,
(a) my printer is dying (after less than a year!!!);
(b) my construction paper supply at home has mysteriously depleted; and
(c) my heart's been up in my throat ever since the Japan earthquake hit. So I went ahead and did what I could.

Still, hope you can find it in your hearts to enjoy the silliness! Be good!

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