Monday, March 21, 2011

Unusual Suspects

Or What's Wrong With this Picture?
Okay, SERIOUS GOOFING time, I confess!!
However, after

(1) another 'spending spree' for clothes for my daughter (who is growing roughly 1 inch taller every day now it seems) and contributing again to the clever inventors of the you-know-who franchise


(2) helping my on-going insomnia with another 'Family Guy' DVD marathon

it struck me that a lot of our 'favorite' petite and yet - dare I say it - 'round-headed' cartoon favorites REALLY resemble each other.

After putting it to the test in rather 'boring' fashion (read: just creating them 'as-is') I started to play make-up artist who has been hitting the liquor cabinet a little too hard (a long title role but one made famous by Lawrence Peetertinkle).

So after some mixed up ears, eyes, hair styles and clothes, this is what we get.

And to answer your next question, yes I am seeking professional help.

Ciao for now brown cows!!

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